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You May Qualify for FREE Home Insulation

KORE is currently accepting applications for the Warmer Homes Scheme. Please note that once an application has been approved the waitlist for the installation of measures is approximately 12 months.

Do you collect Fuel Allowance, Jobseekers Allowance for more than 6 months and with children under 7 years of age, Working Family Payment (FIS), One-Parent Family Payment, Domiciliary Care Allowance or Carers Allowance (living in the same household as the person you care for)? Do you own a home built before 2006? You may be entitled to free home insulation. Measures include:

· Free Wall Insulation
· Free Attic Insulation
· Free Wall and Roof Ventilation
· Free Draught Proofing
· Free Pipe Insulation
· Free Hot and Cold Water Tank Jackets
· Free Low Energy Light Bulbs
· Free Energy Advice
· Free Building Energy Rating (BER) Upon Completion of Works

Our local team will help you through the entire application package and install the insulation and energy efficiency measures once you are approved. There is absolutely no cost or hidden charges should you qualify for the programme.

Frequently asked questions about social benefits and the KORE Warmer Homes Scheme can be found below. You can start the application process by filling out the form at the top of the page.

Download the Application Form

Simply submit your information below for instant access to the application form. When complete, please post your form back to the address listed on the application. You must have your local Department of Social Protection stamp the form to verify benefits before posting the application back to KORE.

Don’t qualify for the Warmer Homes Scheme? We have other insulation grants available..

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Warmer Homes Scheme?

The Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme is administered by SEAI to deliver energy efficiency upgrades in the homes of elderly and vulnerable sectors of Irish society. Its aim is to reduce energy poverty in Ireland by making homes more affordable to heat during the coldest months of the year. KORE has been authorised by SEAI to offer the Scheme to those that qualify, as outlined in the information above.

Who is KORE?

Airpacks Ltd. t/a KORE are manufactures of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation. EPS is used in a wide variety of insulation applications, including cavity wall insulation. KORE is based out of Kilnaleck, Co. Cavan, Ireland, and has been providing insulation and energy efficiency solutions across Ireland and the United Kingdom for over 18 years. KORE has an extensive network of insulation installers whose aim is to reduce Ireland’s energy consumption while making its housing stock more energy efficient.

What is Fuel Allowance?

Fuel Allowance is a payment made to you under the National Fuel Scheme to help heat your home during the winter months. It is available for those on long-term Social Welfare. It is only paid once per household. You may be eligible for Fuel Allowance payments if you if you receive basic supplementary welfare allowance for 391 days (15 months) or Jobseekers Allowance for 391 days (15 months). You may also qualify if you receive State Pension, Blind Pension, Disability Allowance and other social welfare programmes. Speak with your local social welfare office or Department of Social Protection if you have questions about your eligibility for Fuel Allowance. 

Once you begin collecting Fuel Allowance you will be eligible for KORE’s Warmer Homes Scheme for no cost insulation. You must provide proof of benefit eligibility when you apply for the Scheme. The Department of Social Protection will need to stamp your application form or provide you with a letter of benefit entitlement before you can be approved for this Scheme. Keep in mind you must also own a home that was built before 2006.

What is Jobseekers Allowance?

 Jobseekers Allowance is available for unemployed persons aged between 18 and 66 that are fully unemployed or unemployed for at least 4 days out of 7. You must be capable of work, available for and actively seeking work, satisfy a means test (income) and meet habitual residency requirements. You can claim Jobseekers Allowance if you do not meet the requirements for Jobseekers Benefit.

KORE’s Warmer Homes Scheme is available for persons on Jobseekers Allowance for more than 6 months and with children under 7 years of age. 

For more information on Jobseekers Allowance or to see if you qualify contact your the Department of Social Protection, your local social welfare office or Intreo centre.

What is Working Family Payment?

Formerly known as Family Income Supplement (FIS), Working Family Payment is a weekly tax-free payment that is available to low-income employees with children. You must have at least one child who is financially supported by you under the age of 18, or between 18 and 22 if in full-time education. Family Income Supplement is only available to employees. It is not available to self-employed persons. Your weekly benefit amount for FIS is determined by your family’s total income and the number of dependent children in your home.

To learn more or apply for Family Income Supplement visit your local social welfare office, Intreo centre or send a completed form to the Department of Social Protection.

Once you qualify for Family Income Supplement benefit you can qualify for KORE’s Warmer Home Scheme to receive no-cost insulation in your home.

What is One-Parent Family Payment

One-Parent Family Payment (OFP) is a payment made to men and women under 66 years of age who are raising children without the support of a partner. You must meet certain criteria and pass a means test to qualify for this programme.

What is Domiciliary Care Allowance?

Domiciliary Care Allowance, or DCA, is a monthly payment for a child under 16 years of age with a severe disability who requires ongoing care and attention that is substantially above and beyond what is usually required by a child of the same age. Domiciliary Care Allowance is not means tested. You can learn more about the allowance and see if you qualify by visiting your local Department of Social Protection.

What is Carers Allowance?

Carers Allowance is a means-tested payment for low-income people who are caring for someone who needs support. This includes age, disability or illness. To qualify for SEAI’s Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme you must live in the same household as the person you are caring for. For more information on the Carers Allowance please visit your local Department of Social Protection.

Can I qualify If I’m not on one of the six social welfare programmes?

No. You must be on one of the the six social welfare allowances and you must own a home that was built before 2006. If you meet these requirements then you may qualify for free cavity wall and attic insulation. Submit the form at the top of the page to get started with the application process. Should you have any questions please ring us on 049 4374002 or email

What if my house was built after 2006?

Your house must have been built before 2006 to qualify for the programme. You must own the home. The home cannot be owned by a Local Authority. 

What can I expect once I send my application?

KORE aims to process applications as quickly as possible. Once your application has been received and you are eligible to receive the works, a surveyor will call to your house to ensure cavity wall insulation, attic insulation and the proper ventilation can be installed to Ireland’s building regulations. Our local team will then install the insulation to the requirements of the initial survey. To complete the works a Building Energy Rating (BER) is performed. You will receive energy advice from your BER assessor at this time. The works are installed at no out of pocket cost to you.

There is a high demand for SEAI’s Better Energy Warmer Homes Scheme. Please keep in mind that it may take longer than 12 weeks from the time you submit your application until you receive the initial site survey. We will work with you and answer any questions you may have at any point during the application process or while the works are being installed. Please note that the current wait time for the start of works once an application has been approved is approximately 12 months.